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Monday Nov 29, 2021

Madison Pickering is a money wise teenager who bought her first home at age nineteen.  Listen to her money mindset and how she is a great example for youth and adults

Friday Aug 14, 2020

The feeling you get from GIVING is so much NICER than taking or receiving.

Thursday May 07, 2020

Know what your 'right' bank balances for any day of the year should be to ensure you will meet all your needs (expenses) and achieve your goals.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Summary of the Six Expense Types and the Three Pigs bank account structure analogy.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Major 'Once in a Lifetime' Occurrences

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Replacing Items That Support Life

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Repairing Items That Support Life.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Product Purchases - Needs and Wants

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Non-Weekly Repeating Predictable Expenses - (Otherwise known as BILLS)

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Weekly Expenses - Food, Fuel, Fun, and Incidental expenses (FFFI)

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